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Medical tourism is the practice of a patient «outsourcing» healthcare services to an area outside of his/her home country. Medical travel is becoming more popular, as more people realize its benefits. The main benefits of health tourism include getting the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination and reaping potentially big monetary savings. best share trading platform Pakistan Many common operations overseas cost a fraction of what they might cost in the United States. For instance, the average cost of rhinoplasty (or nose job) in the U.S. is $6,000; the same procedure in Costa Rica costs only $1,500 (Source: Wikipedia). The savings of $4,500 is more than enough to cover your travel expenses, and you’ll get to travel to a new destination.

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  • Why Is Medical Tourism So Popular?
  • 12 Reasons Why Medical Tourism Is So Popular
  • 10 Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths

The following list contains reviews of some of the most popular medical tourism destinations, trading online all of which provide quality medical care at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the United States.

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Costa Rica
South Africa

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Introduction to Medical Tourism

While travel isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating going under the knife, going abroad for many medical treatments can actually be an incredibly beneficial experience. The term commonly applied to this kind of travel is medical tourism and as costs for even simple procedures rise, it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for people all over the world.

Costs for dental work, cosmetic surgery, and a variety of other medical treatments abroad can be as little as a tenth of the cost of the same treatment at home. Many countries actively promote medical tourism and offer incredibly competitive rates along with other benefits. There are also numerous companies that specialize in arranging medical tourism packages for you, which combine surgery with a restful vacation, all for less than you would spend if you opted to have the procedure done at home. It’s little wonder why this practice is becoming so popular.

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Medical tourism can also be a boon for those who can’t get the treatment they need in a timely manner. In some instances, the wait for a major surgery can be as long as a year which isn’t exactly a recipe for happy or healthy patients. These long waits are often a deciding factor for those who choose to seek treatment elsewhere, as in most countries where medical tourism thrives wait times are short or nonexistent. This allows patients to get the care they need sooner and at a time when it is convenient for them.

Many people are reluctant to travel for surgery because they are concerned about the quality of care they will receive away from home, but in reality a majority of these fears are unfounded. While there will always be facilities that are decidedly below par, a majority are top notch and in cases might be better than those at home. Many doctors that participate in medical tourism have been trained in the United States and Europe and many are certified with highly prestigious medical associations. Hospitals are often corporately owned, and as such are very competitive and will often exceed expectations of care and comfort.

Medical tourism also affords the chance to get in a little sightseeing before or after your treatment. You can spend your recovery relaxing under an umbrella on a scenic beach or a mountain resort or even just enjoying the benefits of a high class hotel’s room service. In some places, medical tourism packages may be all inclusive, providing you with medical staff on call at your lodgings.

All these benefits don’t come risk-free, however, but a majority of the risk associated with medical tourism can be managed with careful planning and research. There are a number of options available to those seeking treatment outside their home country and this website as well as others can be a great resource to figuring out which destination is best for you. Popular destinations include Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, South Africa, and Turkey, just to name a few.

Benefits of Medical Tourism

With state of the art medical facilities so close to home why travel thousands of miles to get treatment somewhere else? There are a number of reasons why traveling for medical reasons can actually be better for your health (and your wallet) than staying at home. In fact, it’s becoming a more and more popular option with people from around the globe. It could be more than worth your time to figure out if medical tourism could benefit you as well.

One of the primary benefits of medical tourism is the huge potential for savings. Even when the cost of the plane ticket and lodgings for the weeks that you are there are added in, treatment in a foreign country can still be significantly cheaper than back home. In some places, the cost can be as little as a tenth of what it would cost to have the same treatment in your home country. Dental work provides the greatest overall savings, but other cosmetic and major surgeries can be had at a significant discount as well. Often, unlike hospitals in the U.S., hospitals abroad are willing to give you an estimate of the cost up front, as they know no matter what they charge it’s still going to be cheaper than you would pay in your home country. This can help you to avoid many of the hidden costs that can be associated with surgery. It should also be noted that some insurers will cover overseas surgeries. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible to have these costs covered so you won’t be paying it all out of pocket.

Availability and lack of a wait is also a major benefit of taking your treatment abroad. Wait times for surgery can be months or up to a year in some cases and those needing treatment more quickly might actually be better served by seeking treatment elsewhere. Most surgeries whether major or cosmetic can be scheduled within a few days or weeks if done in a less overburdened foreign hospital. Whether you have a pressing need due to personal comfort and quality of life, or if you simply want to get it taken care of more quickly, medical tourism can be a great way to more easily and quickly get the attention you need.

Though it might come as a surprise to some, one benefit to traveling for medical reasons is that you may actually be able to get better and more personal care at a foreign hospital than you can get at home. Many hospitals specialize in medical tourism, and in order to draw in customers they provide exceptional quality and service. Depending on your destination you have the opportunity to get treatment from some of the best doctors in their field, many of which will have been trained at prestigious institutions abroad. Equipment and facilities are actually very comparable to those in the U.S., and patients will often find that they can afford a more luxurious hospital stay abroad than they could at home.

Medical tourism isn’t just about getting more reasonably priced medical care; it’s also a great way to spend your recovery in a relaxing and beautiful environment, free from the ringing phone and responsibilities that could plague your recovery at home. You will have the opportunity to spend your recuperation time under an umbrella on the beach or shopping in luxury boutiques. The savings on the surgery can also allow you to bring along friends or family members and still pay less than you would have at home. Bringing along familiar faces can also help make getting treatment in a foreign country less intimidating. Many package deals are also available which can help you easily bundle your treatment in with sightseeing, massages, and spa treatments.

Medical tourism isn’t a perfect solution to combating rising medical costs but for many it can be a much more rewarding experience than dealing with medical facilities at home. Not to mention it has the added benefit of a vacation afterwards. Depending on your situation the benefits of seeking treatment away from your home country can actually outweigh the risks, and medical tourism can be an incredibly rewarding way to get your medical care.

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